Frequently asked questions about becoming a gestational surrogate

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What is gestational surrogacy?

A gestational carrier or surrogate carries a child conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF), using the egg (ovum) of the intended mother or an egg donor, and the sperm of the intended father or a sperm donor, or an embryo donor. The gestational surrogate’s own eggs are not used — so she is not genetically related to the child.

What is Assisted Reproductive Technology, or ART?

Assisted Reproduction is a method of achieving a pregnancy through means other than by sexual intercourse, and may include intrauterine or intracervical insemination, donation of gametes, in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer, and intracytoplasmic sperm insemination.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) refers to any medical or scientific procedures or treatment provided by a medical provider with the intent of achieving a pregnancy and having a child. This may involve third-party reproduction.

Do I have a choice about who I would help?

Of course. Our surrogates are carefully consulted about who they would like to work with — whether they prefer intended parents who are local or overseas, single or married, same-sex couples, families that already have a child, or a single intended parent. Every match is a mutual decision and a partnership. We make sure we understand your preferences.

Where would I give birth?

You will give birth near where you live using a doctor that you choose. The doctor and hospital for delivery will need to be in-network.

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What are the basic steps in the medical process?

Following routine IVF medical tests and preparation, the embryo transfer is performed at the fertility center chosen by the intended parent. Approximately two weeks later, a blood test is performed to confirm pregnancy. Each surrogate has her own, dedicated coordinator at ARTparenting who will explain the entire process from the start.

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Am I supported on the surrogacy journey?

Totally. Our gestational surrogate’s comfort and understanding of the process is paramount. Every detail is carefully explained and coordinated before and during the surrogacy journey. Helping our families grow would not be possible without surrogates like you, and your positive experience and care during this process means everything to us.

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How do I get started?

To learn more about becoming a gestational surrogate or to find out if you qualify, please submit a contact form, or phone us directly at (301) 217-0074.

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