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Considering Becoming a Gestational Surrogate?

The decision to become a gestational surrogate isn’t one to be taken lightly — we know that. We also know that the inner desire to give the gift of life to another family is truly special and generous. If you have that desire, you are undoubtedly a unique, and caring individual.

If you are considering helping another family grow by becoming a surrogate, thank you!

Who Can Become a Gestational Surrogate?

A gestational surrogate (also known as a gestational carrier) is a woman who carries a child conceived through in-vitro fertilization using the eggs from the intended mother or from an egg donor, or an embryo donor. Therefore, the child will not be genetically related to the gestational surrogate. Here are a few basic requirements for becoming a surrogate:

  • 21 to 44 years old

  • Given birth to a child of your own

  • Enjoy being pregnant

  • Desire to help others create a family

  • Financially stable

Please see additional requirements for becoming a surrogate.

We are honored that you’re considering sharing your gift to help build a family through surrogacy — and we invite you to contact us or explore our surrogacy program further.


Would I share my life and the life of my family again? Yes. I would take that journey called surrogacy with Meryl Rosenberg again. I would recommend her to one and all.

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Download our helpful brochure for gestational surrogates: Becoming a Surrogate: Questions Answered.”

To get your questions answered or find out if you qualify, please fill out a surrogate’s contact form. Or call us at (301) 217-0074.