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Caring at every step for every client

Secure legal documents and well-managed arrangements are extremely important. Attentive care along the way is equally important. That’s why we are dedicated to guiding our intended parents through every step with our complete surrogacy program. That’s what makes us different.

The road to family-building through surrogacy can seem overwhelming, expensive, and the questions can seem endless. You might be wondering:

  •  How do I find a gestational surrogate?

  • What are the costs for a gestational surrogate?

  • What happens when I do find the right person?

  • How do I share the most intimate experience of my life with a total stranger?

  • What about insurance?

  • Who manages the money, and how is it managed?

  • What about legal agreements?

  • What goes into a legal agreement?

  • Will I be recognized as the baby’s parent from birth?

For all of these questions — and any others that arise — we have the answers.

Our complete program handles your journey from start to finish. Because we understand that gestational surrogacy represents a significant expense for a family, we make sure our program is cost-conscious. You will never need to worry about missing steps or what to do next. Because of this, you will be able to focus on what you personally need to do to make the process a success.

Finding the right gestational surrogate

Finding the right gestational surrogate is immensely important to us. We will assist you in finding just the right match. We personally and carefully select our gestational surrogates and then match the intended parents and the gestational surrogates together based on a number of criteria.

We ensure that an extensive application is obtained from each prospective gestational surrogate. The applicants are interviewed, background and insurance checks are completed, and a mental health screening is conducted prior to any meeting between the intended parents and the gestational surrogate.

Ultimately, it is all parties’ mutual decision to work together — intended parents and gestational surrogates alike. You will have the chance to choose a partner for your surrogacy journey with whom you feel comfortable — a surrogate you can respect and trust with the future of your family.


We are pleased to offer a discount for our complete surrogacy program.


We are pleased to offer a discount for our complete surrogacy program.


Moving forward following your match

Meryl will advise all the parties about the relevant state laws and any required legal proceedings. 

Once you have agreed upon a gestational surrogate, Meryl will coordinate all aspects of the surrogacy arrangement. She will ensure that (1) all the appropriate psychological and medical screening is conducted and coordinated, and (2) all the legal agreements are in place before any medical procedures begin to achieve the pregnancy.

Once Meryl has submitted the gestational surrogate’s information to your physician’s office, she will assist you and your gestational surrogate with coordinating the screening process to ensure that it proceeds smoothly.


Arrangements and coordination for moving forward

Immediately after your gestational surrogate has gone through her screening with your IVF center and has been deemed medically and psychologically ready to proceed, Meryl will prepare all the legal agreements, including necessary egg donor agreements, sperm donor agreements, or embryo donation agreements (note that these sometimes are done at an earlier stage of the process, depending the particular requirements of each case), and will coordinate  review and finalization of any needed legal agreement with the attorney representing the gestational surrogate and/or egg/embryo donor, who each have independent representation.


Ensuring clarity of all legal documents

Meryl will answer any questions that you may have about legal issues surrounding the arrangements to make sure that you understand all of the provisions of the agreement. These agreements are personalized for each situation. Once the agreement is acceptable to you, the gestational surrogate or donor’s attorney will review it. The agreement is reviewed with independent counsel for each party before it is signed by all parties.


Network of reputable facilities, professionals, and attorneys

The entire in vitro fertilization (IVF) process — including egg retrieval, IVF itself, and embryo transfer — will be performed by a reputable facility chosen by the intended parents. ARTparenting has working relationships with many excellent IVF centers throughout the country. Meryl works with a network of other attorneys from other states, as well as with psychologists, social workers, physicians, and insurance experts to ensure a smooth journey from start to finish.

Depending on the laws of the state where you live, where your gestational surrogate lives or will deliver, Meryl will obtain a pre-birth court order, or will assist in processing necessary paperwork, so that you will be recognized as the sole legal parent(s), and your name(s) can be entered on your baby’s original birth certificate. If your gestational surrogate gives birth in a state where Meryl cannot obtain the court order, or there is no relevant paperwork, we will refer you to a reputable attorney in the gestational surrogate’s state to obtain a pre-birth or post-birth order of parentage. If needed, Meryl will proceed with a step-parent or second-parent adoption.

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