Jewish Gestational Surrogate Needed for Jewish Intended Parents

Want to explore the possibilities of becoming a surrogate for married or single Jewish intended parents?

At this time, we are seeking a Jewish woman from the US to become a gestational surrogate for married and single intended parents who are Jewish. Because of religious law, the child-to-be must be carried by a single or married woman who is also Jewish for some intended parents.

At ARTparenting, we match gestational surrogates and intended parents from every faith and culture — we are known for the care and focus we place on the matching process. We are here to help you explore whether becoming a gestational surrogate mother with ARTparenting is the right choice for you.

Please explore our website to find out how our complete surrogacy program works: the financial aspects, the medical considerations, and the basic requirements. Read about our founder, Meryl Rosenberg, Esq., and her dedication to the field of reproductive law and the Jewish community.

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Some intended parents need a gestational surrogate who is Jewish in order to follow Jewish law regarding surrogacy. Are you Jewish? *
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