New Mother Through Surrogacy Tells How the ROSEANNE SHOW GETS SURROGACY WRONG in Article for, the leading Jewish parenting website, features a pointed article about what surrogacy is really like: What "Roseanne" Gets Wrong About Surrogacy. Written by new mother and recent ARTparenting client, Danielle Shapiro corrects fallacies about gestational surrogacy such as the legal and medical procedures required for the surrogate.

"Another major inaccuracy of the show: that Becky would become a surrogate without any formal legal arrangements or medical review. A doctor’s visit would be necessary to be sure that she would be a viable donor and carrier for the baby."

Shapiro also rectifies misconceptions about why women become surrogates. "It’s a common myth that surrogates are in it for the money. My gestational carrier, for example, was not cash-starved. She was a full-time professional and a married mother of three kids. When we first met, I was struck by her commitment to helping us complete our family, something she felt a deep calling to do from a young age, she said."

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