What are the fees and expenses involved in our surrogacy program?

When it comes to the financial investment involved in becoming a parent through surrogacy, our goal is to be as transparent and cost-conscious as possible. These fees do fluctuate somewhat and are offered as general guidance only.

Factors that affect the total cost of surrogacy

  • The number of cycles needed for the gestational surrogate to become pregnant (with IVF, this can significantly affect the total amount).

  • The amount of medical costs not covered by insurance. We review the gestational surrogate’s current policy, if she has one, to check for exclusions. If she does not have insurance or her insurance is not adequate, then we provide guidance for obtaining insurance for her. We work with insurance experts for all insurance reviews.

  • The “compensation” agreed on for the gestational surrogate — starting at $35,000. Read more about the compensation and expenses.

Examples of other typical surrogacy expenses covered by the intended parents

  • $750 per embryo transfer procedure

  • $350 – $1,000 for invasive surgical procedures

  • $350 for procedures such as a hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

  • $2,500 average for a cesarean section (C-section)

  • $5,000 for a multiple birth for each additional child

  • $400 and up for a life insurance policy and loss of reproductive organ rider depending on plan chosen by the parties

  • $1,200 – $1,800 for a gestational surrogate’s attorney

  • Any applicable net lost wages

  • Reasonable child care and housekeeping if placed on bed rest

  • $500 – $750 for maternity clothes, an additional $250 if multiples

  • Cost for a psychological evaluation

  • Uncovered medicals, co-pays, or health insurance premiums

  • Monthly allowance for miscellaneous expenses: $150 – $250 depending on personal factors


Every situation is unique

Every journey is as unique as the individuals involved. We work together to make sure we address all of your personal needs every step of the way.

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