Surrogate Support

Our dedication to fully supporting our surrogates throughout the entire surrogacy process is unwavering. How so?


At ARTparenting we’re very much a “boutique” surrogacy program — intentionally, deliberately, and proudly. The larger surrogacy agencies simply cannot offer the kind of personalized, relationship-based support that we do with our complete surrogacy program.

As a surrogate working with ARTparenting, you will never find yourself passed on to someone unfamiliar with your situation. You’ll work directly, one-on-one, with Julie, our Surrogacy Coordinator, or with Meryl, our Director, at all times.


We take pride in our in-depth familiarity with the concerns and sensitivities of gestational surrogates. And we know from long experience that surrogacy is never a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Every surrogacy is unique. As a gestational surrogate you will have your own wishes and points of view that are different from those of other women. We care about your priorities, your feelings, and respect them throughout the process. For example, we always thoroughly interview each surrogate to make sure that concerns about termination of pregnancy, or carrying twins, are known and in tune with the intended parents — well before you’re matched with anyone. And we will address any concerns you have as well.


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Surrogates Never Come Second

At some surrogacy agencies, the intended parents are the principal focus, and surrogates can sometimes feel like they’re getting “second billing.” Not so with our surrogacy program where your health, happiness, well-being, and comfort-level are a priority.

We also care deeply about your legal rights as a surrogate, and always recommend qualified attorneys for you to choose from and to consult with in your home state for all important matters such as contracts, fees and expenses, payments, and escrow.  It is always in your interest to be advised and represented by a qualified attorney in your state to help ensure a smooth journey.

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Surrogacy is not a single event.  It is a process. That is why ARTparenting’s support of surrogates is ongoing — before, during, and after the baby is born. From the day you contact us through to the delivery room and beyond, ARTparenting’s team is there for you.

Support for your well-being begins before the match with in-depth evaluations and full access to our surrogacy coordinator, Julie. You will have full access to former surrogates who will be happy to share their experience with you. During the process, we can arrange counseling and peer support to help with the emotional and practical needs that can arise before and during your pregnancy and delivery. ARTparenting’s focus on you and your comfort is unconditional.  It’s all about making you feel cared for throughout the entire surrogacy process. 


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Learn From Other Surrogates

Curious to learn from women who have worked with us as gestational surrogates and hear about their experiences?

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