Thinking about becoming a gestational surrogate in New Hampshire?

If you’re thinking about becoming a surrogate, or if you’re a prospective parent evaluating your options, we’re here to answer your questions about surrogacy in New Hampshire.

By exploring our website, you’ll find out how our surrogacy program works ­– including the compensation, the medical aspects, some basic qualifications, and matching considerations. If you prefer, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about New Hampshire surrogacy.


Why choose ARTparenting?

You have found the place for you with ARTparenting. We are known for our compassion, integrity and personal attention. We are committed to guiding each surrogate and each intended parent through every step of our comprehensive program.

A hallmark of our program in the care we take in matching our gestational surrogates with the intended parents. Every match is a mutual decision and a true partnership. For our surrogates in New Hampshire, there is no waiting to be matched.

ARTparenting’s founder, Meryl B. Rosenberg, Esq., has worked with hundreds of gestational surrogates since 1993. Meryl has earned a reputation as an innovator and leader in the field of reproductive law. As a volunteer in both local and international organizations, she works to further the development and regulation of assisted reproduction.

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Compensation for becoming a surrogate in New Hampshire

One of the considerations for becoming a surrogate is financial. The amount of any payments or ancillary expenses will be based on many factors, including the need for health insurance and whether the prospective surrogate has had previous experience as a gestational surrogate. For a detailed chart, please see our page, Compensation for Gestational Surrogates.

Is becoming a gestational surrogate in New Hampshire the right choice for you?

If you’re contemplating the idea of becoming a gestational surrogate, you’re a uniquely compassionate person. Raising children is one of the greatest joys in life and a willingness to help others experience parenthood is profound. To help with your decision, our blog post, “Becoming a Surrogate: Is it Right for Me?”, offers four important questions to ask yourself.

Find out how the program works

A gestational surrogate (also known as a gestational carrier) is a woman who carries a child conceived through IVF using an egg from a donor or the intended mother. The child will not be genetically related to the gestational surrogate.

A few of the basic requirements:

  • Age 21 to 44

  • Given birth to a child of your own

  • Enjoy being pregnant

  • Healthy weight (BMI 32 or less)

  • Please view additional requirements.

Take the next step…

Helping others to build a family is one of the greatest gifts anyone can offer. We are grateful for your interest.

If you are interested in our program or have questions about becoming a surrogate in New Hampshire, we would like to hear from you. Please fill out our short Surrogate’s Inquiry Form.


New Hampshire Surrogacy

ARTparenting has worked with gestational surrogates and intended parents from New Hampshire to help build families through our complete surrogacy program.

For more information, please call Meryl at (301) 217-0074.

Intended parents: Read about our complete surrogacy program.


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First, let me applaud Meryl for all that she does at ARTparenting. From beginning to end, she was there for me in fulfilling my purpose. Becoming a surrogate had always been a thought in the back of my mind and I’m so grateful that Meryl could make it a reality.
Seeing the look on the IP’s faces when they held their son for the first time was priceless. I’m blessed to have been able to help complete their family. Without a doubt, I’ll do it all over again!
— Jessica

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