ARTparenting's surrogates share their stories. 

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Ivy’s Surrogacy Story


Sisters Randi & Erin


Stephanie’s Surrogate Story

I am so thankful that when I made the decision to become a surrogate that I found Meryl. She was wonderful from the start and her matching me as a surrogate with intended parents was spot on. We had the best partnership imaginable. I couldn’t have dreamed of having an easier time with my surrogate experience.

Even though we didn’t have any major issues, it was always comforting to know that Meryl was available, day or night, if I needed her for anything. I would (and have) recommend ARTparenting to anyone considering it, either surrogate or parent.
— G.


Why gestational surrogates give the gift of life.

Surrogacy is truly a labor of love

Women have many reasons for becoming gestational surrogates*, but our gestational surrogate all share the same goal — to give the gift of life. They want to make it possible for others to feel the joy of becoming a parent. We have the greatest respect and admiration for these nurturing, committed, and empathetic women.

Some women describe being a gestational surrogate as:

A calling. This is something they were simply meant to do. It is the best thing they could possibly do with their lives.

A gift of love. They love babies, love being moms themselves, and want to share this gift.

A way to “give back.” Some think of it as a big way to give back to the world in a meaningful way.

To teach our children. Many share that giving the gift of a child to an intended parent through surrogacy teaches the surrogate’s children about the extent one can give to another. It is one of the greatest lessons we can teach our children. What better way to teach them how much we can give to another person to help them and give them happiness.

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What are gestational surrogates’ motivating factors?

Here are some insights:

Enabling parenthood. As parents themselves, they experience such gratification from their own children and want to help others experience being parents.

Being a good role model for their own children by demonstrating generosity.

Empathy. Some have witnessed how infertility has touched others’ lives and want to help.

To enhance their identities as women. As a solely female experience, it is empowering to be pregnant and bring about motherhood.

Pregnancy. Most gestational surrogates love being pregnant. Some want to experience pregnancy again without adding children to their own family.