If you're a healthy mother thinking about becoming a gestational surrogate in Vermont, or if you're an intended parent who wants more information about Vermont surrogacy — we’re here to help you.

Why choose ARTparenting?

ARTparenting's founder, Meryl B. Rosenberg, Esq., has worked with hundreds of gestational surrogates and intended parents to form families since 1993. Meryl directs every surrogacy arrangement including the all-important match — ensuring a high level of personal care not offered by larger surrogacy programs. In addition, Meryl is known for her leadership and dedication to the field of reproductive law. Read about her work to regulate surrogacy and advocate for access to surrogacy for all families.


Because ARTparenting is a small, intimate firm we can take exceptional care in matching our surrogates with the intended parents they most want to help. Each match is ultimately a mutual decision between the surrogates and the intended parents — and is one that will become a true partnership. For our surrogates in Vermont, there is no waiting to be matched. Our intended parents are ready to work with you, so immediately following the prescreening you will be matched.


You have found the place for you with ARTparenting. We oversee everything — from your first contact with us through the birth of the child. Hands-on guidance and over 25 years of experience help ensure a comfortable and coordinated experience. We make sure you have all the information, personal support, and the care you need. Learn more about support for our gestational surrogates.

Compensation for surrogates in Vermont

We know there are many important factors to consider when making the decision to become a gestational surrogate — and one is the amount of payment for your valuable time and effort. Your compensation, reimbursements, and other benefits will be based on individual factors such as whether you have been a surrogate in the past and/or have applicable health insurance. We value our surrogates’ generous role in forming new families and our generous financial package reflects that appreciation. For more details, please review Payments for Gestational Surrogates.

We want you to be well-informed so you can weigh your options and make the decision to work with us wisely. Please contact us with questions about the payments, how to compare payment packages with other programs, or any other questions about becoming a surrogate in Vermont.


Vermont Surrogacy

We work with gestational surrogates and intended parents from the state of Vermont to form families through our complete surrogacy program.

For more information about Vermont surrogacy contact Meryl at (301) 217-0074.


Read about our complete surrogacy program.

Fill out our intended parent form, or call Meryl at (301) 217-0074.


Would I share my life and the life of my family again? Yes. I would take that journey called surrogacy with Meryl Rosenberg again. I would recommend her to one and all.

Find out if you qualify for our surrogacy program

In order to qualify as a gestational surrogate in Vermont, you must meet all of the following basic requirements:

  • Given birth to a child of your own,

  • A healthy non-smoker, with a BMI of 32 or lower,

  • Financially stable

  • 21 to 44 years old

These are just a few of the qualifications. Please read more about the requirements for becoming a gestational surrogate.

The decision to become a gestational surrogate in Vermont

We know that raising children can be one of the most joyful and meaningful parts of life. The desire to help others become parents and experience the joys of parenthood is the inspiration behind ARTparenting’s work to help families grow and is what truly motivates our extraordinary surrogates. Read what others have said about their experiences with our surrogacy program.

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