Intended Parents

We’ll guide every step of your journey—with the highest level of care, integrity, and expertise.

No matter where you are in your journey, we can assist you.

As intended parents, you can depend on us to guide you through each step of becoming a parent through third-party reproduction — from your first contact, until you go home with your baby.


In our comprehensive surrogacy program, we work together from start to finish: finding the best match with a gestational surrogate, seeing all parties through their medical and psychological screening, managing the expenses, and assisting with all necessary legal steps to ensure your recognition as a child’s sole legal parents.

With our cost-conscious program you will not be faced with duplicate charges from multiple services — everything is coordinated from the match through the birth of your child.

We know this experience is very personal. It requires compassion and attention that we believe can be delivered best in the intimate setting we offer in our small boutique practice.

Meet Meryl, and find out what drives ARTparenting’s personalized approach.

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Not every client will need our comprehensive surrogacy program.

Our Law Firm Can Help:

  • Whether you are starting at the beginning, exploring the possibilities, or

  • You already have a surrogate and need help with the legal or logistical matters, such as drafting or reviewing the surrogacy agreement, or

  • You need legal services required for:

>Egg Donation, Sperm Donation, Embryo Donation

>Second-parent Adoption, or Step-parent Adoption

>Pre-birth Orders, or Post-birth Orders

No matter where you are in the family-building process, our services can be customized for you. Contact us to find out how we can assist you, or call us at (301) 217-00074.



We assist all intended parents—couples, singles, and LGBT — to reach their goal of parenthood through our surrogacy program or by preparing legal agreements for:

• Surrogacy

• Egg donation

• Embryo donation

• Sperm donation

• Second-parent adoption

• Step-parent adoption

• Pre- and post-birth orders


Meryl Delivers! She offers knowledge, quality work and kind, personal attention. We have a healthy, beautiful daughter and couldn’t be happier. Our gratitude is endless. Without Meryl, we would not have received this amazing gift.

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>Find out about surrogacy fees.

>Explore how our surrogacy program works.

>Fill out an inquiry form.