Why Choose ARTparenting?

  • Known for compassion, ethics, integrity, and high standards

  • Experience, care and success, assisting in the surrogacy process since 1993.

  • Our primary concern always is about the people we are working with to build families together.

  • Because we are a boutique practice, every client works directly with our founder, Meryl B. Rosenberg, Esq.

  • Meryl volunteers and teaches — furthering the regulation, education, and development of assisted reproduction.
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  • A well-established reputation as an innovator and leader in the assisted reproduction community.

  • Experience working with intended parents nationwide and from overseas.

  • As a small boutique firm, we get to know our surrogates and intended parents one-on-one for the most personalized care.

  • We pride ourselves in always being accessible to surrogates and intended parents alike.

Choose expertise, integrity and comfort.

Meryl has dedicated her career to furthering the field of reproductive law. Even if you don’t choose ARTparenting it’s important to her that your journey is handled as professionally and successfully as possible.

Meryl’s story— learn about the principles that drive ARTparenting

Meryl advises:

“It’s important to us that you find not only the right fit — but the most qualified attorney to assist you. If you are considering pursuing this process, we recommend you make sure your attorney has the expertise and qualifications of a reproductive attorney rather than a more general family law practitioner.

 The subtleties and ever-changing legislation in reproductive law mean you really want to work with someone who specializes in this field and is up to date with all the latest developments.” 

This is something that our practice will provide without question, because ARTparenting is devoted entirely to assisted reproductive law, including all legal aspects of gestational surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation, and embryo donation.

 Meryl adds:

“In making your choice, keep in mind: Not only is professional expertise critical, but personal factors are also important. The issues that come up during the process are delicate and intimate, and it is therefore essential to feel comfortable working with your program.”

At ARTparenting, we take extra care to ensure our clients’ comfort. Each case and each person is handled individually and thoughtfully.

If you have any questions about ARTparenting’s complete surrogacy program, receive a packet of detailed information by filling out our intended parent’s inquiry form or our surrogate’s contact form.


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