Parents’ Testimonials

With such joyful outcomes, it is a pleasure to share these reviews from mothers and fathers.


Meryl is the go-to attorney for surrogacy. Once we met with her in the warmth of her home, we knew she was someone we could trust. Meryl’s passion to help intended parents and her genuine concern for surrogates comes through in all that she does.

Every day we look at our twin girls with wonder — and our son, too! We’ve never felt so content and blessed.

Thank you, Meryl, we will forever be grateful.
— KG and AG

Meryl was fantastic to work with. She provided me with the opportunity to fulfill my dream of having a family.

As a gay man, many doors have closed, including international adoption. Artparenting worked with me patiently through evolving circumstances and matched me with an ideal gestational carrier. The process could not have been smoother and I could not be happier with the results. I have two beautiful twin babies and the situation was so positive that the gestational carrier and I have chosen to be in lifelong touch with each other.
— David

A journey into the world of infertility can be unsettling and filled with uncertainty. Meryl’s decades of experience, depth of knowledge and calm, caring nature were paramount in helping us through such an emotional time. We credit her as part of the invaluable team who helped bring our daughter into the world.
— Anna & John, Atlanta, Georgia

Meryl was our partner in every sense of the word. She shared our joy when we had positive results, cried with us when things didn’t work out, helped us manage through some difficult situations. She handled all the details of the gestational carrier process, including the contract, health insurance, expenses, referrals to other professionals as needed (for a pre-birth order, etc.)

Since our son was born, Meryl has come to visit him, and her daughter has become one of our babysitters. It took a real village to bring our son into the world, and we are deeply thankful to every one of the players —our fantastic doctors, our wonderful gestational carrier, our families for their support, and of course, Meryl, who was right there with us every step of the way.

We have referred several other couples to Meryl, and we highly, highly recommended her.
— S, L, and E

Meryl was my able lawyer, providing me with the security of knowing that everything was being done properly… my matchmaker, finding me the perfect surrogate to bring my children into the world. But she was also my friend, holding my hand at tough moments and genuinely sharing in my joy.

Meryl’s passion to help intended parents comes through in all that she does.

Every day we look at our twin girls with wonder. We’ve never felt so content and blessed.
— MMS, Bethesda, Maryland

Meryl delivers! She offers knowledge, quality work and kind, personal attention.

We have a healthy, beautiful daughter and couldn’t be happier. Our gratitude is endless.

Without Meryl we would not have received this amazing gift.
— M,E and A
J. is doing well and we are so grateful. Thank you and your team for creating a family for us. You really added value by covering all the terms and contingencies. A & K showed us in their communications and effort during the pregnancy that they really cared. We also gave A a small gift before we parted.

We hope to continue to grow our family and work with the great team you have assembled in the future. Thank you.
— J & E

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful experience. We thank you for bringing Molly and Ray into our lives. We are forever friends, and our worlds have been forever changed. The four of us are immensely grateful to you and your team, and we wish you peace and joy today and always.
— Daniella & Tom


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